Estimating Index of Refraction from Polarimetric Hyperspectral Imaging Measurements

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Current material identification techniques rely on estimating reflectivity or emissivity which vary with viewing angle. As off-nadir remote sensing platforms become increasingly prevalent, techniques robust to changing viewing geometries are desired. A technique leveraging polarimetric hyperspectral imaging (P-HSI), to estimate complex index of refraction, (ν̃), an inherent material property, is presented. The imaginary component of (ν̃) is modeled using a small number of “knot” points and interpolation at in-between frequencies ν̃. The real component is derived via the Kramers-Kronig relationship. P-HSI measurements of blackbody radiation scattered off of a smooth quartz window show that (ν̃) can be retrieved to within 0.08 RMS error between 875 cm−1 ≤ ν̃ ≤ 1250 cm−1. P-HSI emission measurements of a heated smooth Pyrex beaker also enable successful (ν̃) estimates, which are also invariant to object temperature.


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