Wake Mixing Improvements in a Linear Compressor Cascade with Crenulated Trailing Edges

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Trailing edge crenulations offer one possible way of energizing the trailing edge wakes from a gas turbine engine compressor blade by creating small vortices as a result of the pressure differential between the suction surface and pressure surface. The effect of crenulated trailing edges on wake dissipation and mixed-out total pressure loss in a linear, subsonic, compressor cascade was investigated for three low aspect ratio blade configurations: one with no crenulations and two others with large and small crenulation patterns, respectively. The effect of crenulations was to improve the wake mixing and reduce the velocity deficit. larger crenulations dissipated the wake most rapidly, and both crenulation configurations offered an improvement in total pressure loss and some improvement in flow turning. Abstract © ASME


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Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo