RF conductivity of biodegradable conductive polymers used for a new generation of partially/fully resorbable wireless implantable sensors

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RLC resonators are used for wireless power/data transmission in short-range telemetry (inductive link). The biodegradable conductive polymer composites PLLA-PPy and PCL-PPy are used to fabricate RLC resonators, with the ultimate goal of making a fully biodegradable implant for in vivo operation. Modeling the RF conductivity of PLLA-PPy and PCL-PPy as a function of frequency is required to correctly design the electrical circuits. In this paper, two models (the empirical Jonscher's model and Papathanassiou's model), based on DC and RF measurements, are used to predict the conductivity of the polymer composites at several frequencies of interest for telemetry operation.


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The 25th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (IEEE MEMS 2012)

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