Aqueous transduction of poly-SiGe disk resonators

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This paper demonstrates an electrostatic transducer for lateral contour-mode resonators in which the transduction gaps are filled with a liquid dielectric (water) having much higher permittivity than air (Κwater = 80.1). Aqueous transduction is more efficient than air-gap transduction (lower motional impedance) and has a higher frequency tuning range compared than solid-dielectric transduction. We have demonstrated a 42 MHz poly-SiGe disk resonator with deionized (Dl) water confined to the electrode gaps. The resonator has a measured quality factor (Q) of 3,800, motional impedance (Rx) of 3.9 kΩ and 3% series frequency tuning range.


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2007 International Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Conference (IEEE Transducers 2007)