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Cruising sailboats operate with a power requirement modest enough to operate mostly or completely on renewable energy technology sources. Cruisers without renewable energy systems use the vessel’s diesel engine to charge the boat’s batteries; if the systems are operated at anchor, this dramatically decreases the time before the engine needs major overhaul. System users estimate a diesel engine can run approximately 8,000 hours underway before needing major overhaul, whereas operating 500 hours at anchor produces similar wear and tear on engine pistons. Although renewable energy systems have a high initial capital cost, these systems can provide the vessel’s electrical system with sufficient power without additional wear and tear on the vessel’s diesel engine. This research outlines the power requirement for a 50-foot ocean cruising sailboat, the potential wind and hydro power that can be harvested from a popular cruising route from the United States around Puerto Rico, and the cost of installing this system on the vessel. A wind and hydropower renewable energy system is designed to meet the energy requirement for 95% of the voyage.


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Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications (ISSN:2090-454)