Active Target Defense Differential Game with a Fast Defender

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Conference Proceeding

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This paper addresses the active target defense differential game where an Attacker missile pursues a Target aircraft. A Defender missile is fired by the Target's wingman in order to intercept the Attacker before it reaches the aircraft. Thus, a team is formed by the Target and the Defender which cooperate to maximize the distance between the Target aircraft and the point where the Attacker missile is intercepted by the Defender missile, while the Attacker tries to minimize said distance. The results shown here extend previous work. We consider here the case where the Defender is faster than the Attacker. The solution to this differential game provides optimal heading angles for the Target and the Defender team to maximize the terminal separation between Target and Attacker and it also provides the optimal heading angle for the Attacker to minimize the said distance.


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arXiv [math.OC]