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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Peter Maybeck, PhD


Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation with Control Reconfiguration (MMAE/CR) capability to estimate and compensate for partial actuator failures, or "impairments" is investigated using the high-fidelity, nonlinear, six-degree-of-freedom, VISTA F-16 simulation which currently resides on the Simulation Rapid-Prototyping Facility (SRF). After developing a model for inserting partial actuator impairments into the VISTA F-16 truth model, research begins with a battery of single actuator impairment tests. This stage of research explores the capability of the existing MMAE algorithm to estimate single, partial actuator impairments, and helps to define refinements and expansions needed in the MMAE algorithm for the second phase of research: the detection and estimation of dual, total and partial actuator impairments. It is seen from the first stage of research that, while MMAE is able to estimate partial impairments, there are refinements needed, such as "probability smoothing and quantization", to compensate for the quality of MMAE probability data and to provide a better, more stable estimate value to the Control Reconfiguration module. The Kalman filters and the dual, partial failure filter banks necessary for the detection of dual, partial actuator impairments are also defined as a result of the single impairment tests. Fifteen more banks of "partial first-failure" Kalman filters are added to the existing MMAE algorithm, as well as the "bank swapping" logic necessary to transition to them. Once the revised and expanded MMAE/CR algorithm is ready, research begins on dual combinations of total and partial actuator impairments. While results of these tests (for other than total impairments) are not as good as originally hoped or expected, the potential_for better performance is evident.

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ADA336725 (Volume 1); ADA336726 (Volume 2); ADA337185 (Volume 3)


Multi-volume thesis. The "Download" button on this page opens volume 1, the thesis main volume. Volumes 2 and 3 are included below.

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Volume 2 of AFIT-GE-ENG-97D-23

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Volume 3 of AFIT-GE-ENG-97D-23