A method of managing patient care and emergency response following a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear Explosive (CBRNE) attack and maintaining compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The method including identifying each patient with a unique patient identifier, the identifier based upon the geospatial location of the patient, the geospatial location including at least the latitude and longitude of the patient when first treated, the unique patient identifier being part of patient data. Providing a collection point of patient data to form a patient data database where in the patient location data may be used to map the location, and severity of patient injuries. The method may include using the patient database is used to assist determining the type of attack and/or assist directing the distribution of medical resources. The patient data may be updated as treatment is administered. The treatment may include medication, decontamination, vaccination or a combination thereof. The patient data may be maintained on a hardware data card with the patient. The hardware data card patient data may be integrated with HIPPA patient data at a medical facility.

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