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Generalizing our prior work on scalar multi-Gaussian (MG) distributed optical fields, we introduce the two-dimensional instantaneous electric-field vector whose components are jointly MG distributed. We then derive the single-point Stokes parameter probability density functions (PDFs) of MG-distributed light having an arbitrary degree and state of polarization. We show, in particular, that the intensity contrast of such a field can be tuned to values smaller or larger than unity. We validate our analysis by generating an example partially polarized MG field with a specified single-point polarization matrix using two different Monte Carlo simulation methods. We then compute the joint PDFs of the instantaneous field components and the Stokes parameter PDFs from the simulated MG fields, while comparing the results of both Monte Carlo methods to the corresponding theory. Lastly, we discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and applicability of both simulation methods in generating MG fields.


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