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This work presents a measurement uncertainty analysis for a system designed to simultaneously capture specular in-plane and out-of-plane bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) data with high spatial resolution by augmenting the Complete Angle Scatter Instrument (CASI®) with a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera. Various scatter flux, incident flux, scatter angle, and detector solid angle uncertainty contributions are considered and evaluated based on imperfectly known system parameters. In particular, incident flux temporal fluctuation, detector noise and non-linearity, and out-of-plane aperture misalignment considerations each require significant adjustment from original CASI® uncertainty analysis, and expressions for neutral density (ND) filter, scatter angle, and solid angle uncertainties each require new formulations. Ultimately, ND filter uncertainty produces the largest contribution for the augmented system—at least when using unrefined worst-case tolerances—followed by solid angle uncertainty and pixel non-linearity. Total BRDF uncertainty and its contributing terms are compiled for several measurement scenarios, and compared with those from original analyses for single-pixel detectors. In particular, when ND filter uncertainty can be ignored or mitigated, total BRDF uncertainty values are comparable to those for the original system.


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