Micromechanically enabled microcavity on optical fiber tips

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Conference Proceeding

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Summer 8-3-2021


We report micromechanically enabled 3D optical microcavities fabricated directly onto cleaved ends of low-loss optical fibers by a two-photon polymerization (2PP) process. This fabrication technique is quick, simple, and inexpensive compared to planar microfabrication processes, which enables rapid prototyping and the ability to adapt to new design specifications. These devices also utilize true 3D design freedom, facilitating the realization of microscale optomechanical elements with challenging geometries. A released hemispherical Fabry–Pérot (FP) cavity was sculpted on a fiber tip using 2PP process and demonstrated an extinction ratio of around 253. In addition, a mechanically enabled FP cavity featuring a multi-positional hinged mirror was fabricated by 2PP on a fiber tip. The hinged mirror enables both a concave optical surface and high-reflective (HR) coating to be integrated into a cavity less than 30 μm long. The addition of micromechanical components and HR coating has improved the FP cavity’s resonant quality by better than 10x compared to the FP cavity without HR coating.


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2021 IEEE Research and Applications of Photonics in Defense Conference (RAPID)

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