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This article presents a method to simulate a three-dimensional (3D) electromagnetic Gaussian-Schell model (EGSM) source with desired characteristics. Using the complex screen method, originally developed for the synthesis of two-dimensional stochastic electromagnetic fields, a set of equations is derived which relate the desired 3D source characteristics to those of the statistics of the random complex screen. From these equations and the 3D EGSM source realizability conditions, a single criterion is derived, which when satisfied guarantees both the realizability and simulatability of the desired 3D EGSM source. Lastly, a 3D EGSM source, with specified properties, is simulated; the Monte Carlo simulation results are compared to the theoretical expressions to validate the method.


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Hyde IV, M. W., Bose-Pillai, S. R., & Korotkova, O. (2018). Monte carlo simulations of three-dimensional electromagnetic Gaussian Schell-model sources. Optics Express, 26(3), 2303–2313.

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