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We present partially coherent sources that are statistically twisted in the space-frequency and space-time domains. Beginning with the superposition rule for genuine partially coherent sources, we derive source plane expressions for the cross-spectral density (CSD) and mutual coherence functions (MCFs) for twisted space-frequency and space-time Gaussian Schell-model (GSM) beams. Using the Fresnel approximation to the free-space Green’s function, we then paraxially propagate the CSD and MCF to any plane z> 0. We discuss the beams’ behavior as they propagate, with particular emphasis on how the beam shape rotates or tumbles versus z. To validate our analysis, we simulate the generation and subsequent propagation of twisted space-frequency and space-time GSM beams. We compare the simulated moments to the corresponding theoretical predictions and find them to be in excellent agreement. Lastly, we describe how to physically synthesize twisted space-frequency and space-time partially coherent sources. © 2020, The Author(s).


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