Field Reversed Configuration Translation and the Magnetized Target Fusion Collaboration

T. P. Intrator
G. A. Wurden
P. E. Sieck
W. J. Waganaar
L. Dorf
M. Kostora
R. J. Cortez
J. H. Degnan
E. L. Ruden
M. Domonkos
Paul Adamson, Air Force Institute of Technology
C. Grabowksi
D. G. Gale
M2 Kostora
W. Sommars
M. Frese
S. Frese
J. F. Camacho
P. Parks
R. E. Siemon
T. Awe
A. G. Lynn
R. Gribble

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After considerable design and construction, we describe the status of a physics exploration of magnetized target fusion (MTF) that will be carried out with the first flux conserving compression of a high pressure field-reversed configuration (FRC). The upgraded Los Alamos (LANL) high density FRC experiment FRXL has demonstrated that an appropriate FRC plasma target can be created and translated on a time scale fast enough to be useful for MTF. Compression to kilovolt temperature is expected to form a Mbar pressure, high energy density laboratory plasma (HEDLP). Integrated hardware on the new Field Reversed Compression and Heating Experiment (FRCHX) at the Air Force Research Laboratory Shiva Star facility, has formed initial FRC’s and will radially compress them within a cylindrically symmetric aluminum “liner”. FRXL has shown that time scales for FRC translation to the target region are significantly shorter than the typical FRC lifetime. The hardware, diagnostics, and design rationales are presented. Pre-compression plasma formation and trapping experimental data from FRXL and FRCHX are shown.