Deformation rate-, hold time-, and cycle-dependent shape-memory performance of Veriflex-E resin

Amber J. W. McClung
Gyaneshwar P. Tandon
Jeffery W. Baur

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Shape-memory polymers have attracted great interest in recent years for application in reconfigurable structures (for instance morphing aircraft, micro air vehicles, and deployable space structures). However, before such applications can be attempted, the mechanical behavior of the shape-memory polymers must be thoroughly understood. The present study represents an assessment of viscous effects during multiple shape-memory cycles of Veriflex-E, an epoxy-based, thermally triggered shape-memory polymer resin. The experimental program is designed to explore the influence of multiple thermomechanical cycles on the shape-memory performance of Veriflex-E. The effects of the deformation rate and hold times at elevated temperature on the shape-memory behavior are also investigated.