Effects of Surface Roughness, Freestream Turbulence, and Incidence Angle on the Performance of a 2-D Compressor Cascade

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The effects of surface roughness, freestream turbulence, and incidence angle on the performance of a two-dimensional compressor cascade were investigated. The test section consisted of seven NACA 65-A506 airfoils arranged in a linear cascade. Four different surface roughness conditions were applied to the first 25 percent chord on the suction surface of each of the five middle blades in the cascade. Freestream turbulence levels of approximately one and seven percent were used. Incidence angles of −3, zero and +3 degrees were investigated. Of the three parameters tested, freestream turbulence exerted the largest influence on blade performance. The total pressure loss coefficient increased with increased roughness and was reduced for large turbulence. Changes in flow incidence had a lesser effect on the performance of the blade.


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