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We demonstrated the monolithic integration of reusable and wavelength reconfigurable ring resonator lasers and waveguides of arbitrary shapes to out-couple and guide laser emission on the same fused-silica chip. The ring resonator hosts were patterned by a single-mask standard lithography, whereas the waveguides were inscribed in the proximity of the ring resonator by using 3-dimensional femtosecond laser inscription technology. Reusability of the integrated ring resonator – waveguide system was examined by depositing, removing, and re-depositing dye-doped SU-8 solid polymer, SU-8 liquid polymer, and liquid solvent (toluene). The wavelength reconfigurability was validated by employing Rhodamine 6G (R6G) and 3,3′-Diethyloxacarbocyanine iodide (CY3) as exemplary gain media. In all above cases, the waveguide was able to couple out and guide the laser emission. This work opens a door to reconfigurable active and passive photonic devices for on-chip coherent light sources, optical signal processing, and the investigation of new optical phenomena.


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