Nondestructive Characterization of Salisbury Screen and Jaumann Absorbers Using a Clamped Rectangular Waveguide Geometry

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A nondestructive technique to characterize Salisbury screen and Jaumann absorbers is presented. The proposed method utilizes two flanged rectangular waveguides to unambiguously determine the permittivities of two-layer dielectric absorbers. The derivation of the theoretical reflection and transmission coefficients, necessary to determine material under test permittivities, is presented. The derivation makes use of Love’s equivalence principle and the continuity of transverse magnetic fields to formulate a system of coupled magnetic field integral equations. These integral equations are solved using the Method of Methods to yield theoretical scattering parameters. The unknown permittivities are then found using nonlinear least squares. To validate the proposed nondestructive technique, measurement results of three two-layer dielectric absorbers are presented and analyzed. In addition, an extensive error analysis is performed on the extracted permittivity values. The results of the proposed method are found to be in good agreement with the results returned by traditional, destructive waveguide transmission/reflection approaches.


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