Measuring US Air Force Installation Support Activities via Data Envelopment Analysis

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Performance assessments of installation support services are assuming a position of increased analytic and rhetorical prominence within the Air Force. Through an interrogation of these data, a significant gap emerged as to how performance is currently being assessed. At present, the evaluation process narrowly focuses on monitoring effectiveness rather than measuring efficiency, which has resulted in an inadequate understanding of enterprise-wide performance. Such a myopic focus on effectiveness fails to inform senior decision makers on proper resourcing allocation and reduction decisions. Our research introduces a data envelopment analysis approach to measure efficiency in installation support services, and thus improves the insights provided to senior leaders. We focus on facility sustainment activities and illustrate how data envelopment analysis can guide decision makers in understanding the relative robustness of facility sustainment across the enterprise, quantifying cost savings and performance improvements, and systematically benchmarking to identify best-practice peers.


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Military Operations Research

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