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In this paper, we report record nanosecond output energies of gain-switched CrZnSe lasers pumped by Q-switched CrTmHoYAG 100 ns at 2.096 microns and Raman shifted NdYAG lasers 7 ns at 1.906 microns. In these experiments we used Brewster cut CrZnSe gain elements with a chromium concentration of 8x1018cm-3. Under CrTmHoYAG pumping, the first CrZnSe laser demonstrated 3.1 mJ of output energy, 52 slope efficiency and 110 nm linewidth centered at a wavelength of 2.47 microns. Maximum output energy of the second CrZnSe laser reached 10.1 mJ under H2 Raman shifted NdYAG laser pumping. The slope efficiency estimated from the input-output data was 47%.


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Plain-text title form: Energy scaling of nanosecond gain-switched Cr2+:ZnSe lasers.

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Proceedings of SPIE, volume 7912