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This work highlights the fundamental mechanisms and historical perspective for military PV technology applications and addresses the operational considerations for effectively deploying PV technology. PV materials, structures and architectures have matured into competitive and readily available energy technologies based on their levelized cost of energy (LCOE). However, enhancing warfighting capabilities requires attention to systems considerations beyond cost per watt or LCOE. While PV is impractical for fighters and bombers as it can meet less than 1% of their power requirements, there are numerous areas that could benefit from the application of PV technology. For example, installing PV arrays on all DoD land could meet the electrical energy requirement of the United States and two other industrialized nations.


Source attribution: This article was originally published in the HDIAC Journal of Homeland Defense and Security Volume 7, Number 1.

Alternative source publication title forms: HDIAC Journal; Journal of the Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center.

[*] Author note: 2nd Lt Dylan Martin-Abood was a graduate student at AFIT at the time of this publication.