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We present detailed characterization of laser driven fusion and neutron production (∼105/second) employing 8 mJ, 40fs laser pulses on a thin (< 1 µm) D2O liquid sheet employing a measurement suite. At relativistic intensity (∼5×1018W/cm2) and high repetition-rate (1 kHz), the system produces consistent D-D fusion, allowing for consistent neutron generation. Evidence of D-D fusion neutron production is verified b y a measurement suite with three independent detection systems: an EJ-309 organic scintillator with pulse-shape discrimination, a 3He proportional counter, and a set of 36 bubble detectors. Time-of-flight analysis of the scintillator data shows the energy of the produced neutrons to be consistent with 2.45 MeV. Particle-in-cell simulations using the WarpX code support significant neutron production from D-D fusion events in the laser-target interaction region. This high-repetition-rate laser-driven neutron source could provide a low-cost, on-demand test bed for radiation hardening and imaging applications.


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