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Fall 2022


Despite numerous studies and initiatives, most current Air Force efforts to add science and technology talent have been insufficient. This begs the question: How does the Air Force incentivize and promote the necessary technical competence required to win future competition, conflicts, and wars? Several key initiatives, grounded in behavioral economics, can incentivize innovation and pursue science and technology expertise. Developed in the context of peer adversaries’ actions; global trends in technology, competition, and conflict; and the global competition for science and technology talent, these recommendations have the potential to reform institutional culture and unleash the creativity and talent of the officer corps, thereby strengthening the US military’s technical competency to fight and win future wars.


This article appears in Air & Space Operational Review, a periodical of Air University Press, and the successor publication to Air and Space Power Journal (ASPJ). The ASOR journal has a searchable open archive here.

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Air & Space Operations Review