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In this paper, we study the behaviors of spatiotemporal optical vortex (STOV) beams propagating in linear dispersive media. Starting with the Fresnel diffraction integral, we derive a closed-form expression for the STOV field at any propagation distance z in a general second-order dispersive medium. We compare our general result to special cases published in the literature and examine the characteristics of higher-order STOV beams propagating in dispersive materials by varying parameters of the medium and source-plane STOV field. We validate our analysis by comparing theoretical predictions to numerical computations of a higher-order STOV beam propagating through fused silica, where we model the index of refraction with the corresponding Sellmeier equation.


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Funding note: Author M. Porras acknowledges support of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Gobierno de España, under Contract No. PID2021-122711NB-C21.

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