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This paper introduces a new way to detect charge using MEMS variable capacitors for extremely sensitive, room temperature electrometry. It is largely based on the electrometers introduced by Riehl et al. [1] except variable capacitance is created by a changing area, not a changing gap. The new scheme will improve MEMS electrometers by eliminating the effects of squeeze-film damping and by theoretically increasing the maximum charge resolution by 70%. The charge conversion gain (the increase in output voltage per input unit charge) for this system is derived. The result show good agreement with MATLAB calculations.


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Underwood, G., & Laurvick, T. (2018). MEMS Variable Area Capacitor for Room Temperature Electrometry. Proceedings, 2(13), 1075.

This article belongs to the Proceedings of Eurosensors 2018, (Graz, Austria, September 9-12, 2018).

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