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The United States military is seeking new and innovative methods for securing and maintaining its computing and network resources locally and world-wide. This document presents a work-in-progress research thrust toward building a system capable of meeting many of the US military’s network security and sustainment requirements. The system is based on a Distributed Multi-Agent System (DMAS), that is secure, small, and scalable to the large networks found in the military. It relies on a staged agent architecture capable of dynamic configuration to support changing mission environments. These agents are combined into Hierarchical Peer-to-Peer (HP2P) networks to provide scalable solutions. They employ Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) communications (with digital signatures), and support trust chain management concepts. This document, a work-in-progress, presents the motivation and current challenges in choosing a network communications architecture capable of supporting one million or more agents in a DMAS.


AFIT Scholar furnishes a draft of this conference paper.

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Cyberspace Research Workshop, 2007