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Summer 2011


The United States Air Force is a service born of technology, and throughout its history, technology has remained central to its identity and power. From the start, visionary leaders realized the importance of technologically focused education to advancing airpower. Consequently, through the years, institutions of higher learning such as the Air Force Institute of Technology AFIT, as well as the civilian institution program it administers, have continued the meaningful work of developing the technology and organic human capital to sustain the Air Forces edge as a fighting force. As advances in technology have led the Air Force into the new domains and challenges of space and cyberspace, the role of delivering defenseoriented technical education has become even more critical. In this process, leveraging our network of science and technology partners to produce technically educated and operationally focused Airmen has proved as significant as the advances themselves. Because demand for these graduates continues to increase, deliberate investment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM education must also increase. Today, as yesterday, experienced Air Force leaders with a defense-focused technical education are essential to maintaining our military supremacy, and AFIT continues to meet that need--as it has since its inception in 1919.

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Air and Space Power Journal