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Summer 2011


The Air Force is the largest user of jet fuel in the Department of Defense DOD, consuming 2.4 billion gallons per year. In light of environmental impacts associated with using nonrenewable fuel sources and national security concerns regarding dependency on foreign oil, it is no surprise that the United States is paying more attention to alternative fuels. Both DOD and Air Force energy strategies address the need to develop and produce such fuels. The DOD has made a commitment to energy security, establishing an energy initiative that strives to modernize infrastructure, increase utility and energy conservation, enhance demand reduction, and improve energy flexibility, thereby saving taxpayer dollars and reducing emissions that contribute to air pollution and global climate change. This initiative has the following four goals 1. Maintain or enhance operational effectiveness while reducing total force energy demands 2. Increase energy strategic resilience by developing alternative assured fuels and energy 3. Enhance operational and business effectiveness by institutionalizing energy considerations and solutions in DoD planning business processes 4. Establish and monitor Department-wide energy metrics.

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Air and Space Power Journal

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