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Tiled arrays use modulo-2π phase compensation and coherent beam combination to correct for the effects of deep turbulence. As such, this paper uses wave-optics simulations to compare the closed-loop performance of tiled arrays to a branch-point-tolerant phase reconstructor known as LSPV+7 [Appl. Opt. 53, 3821 (2014) [CrossRef] ]. The wave-optics simulations make use of a point-source beacon and are setup with weak-to-strong scintillation conditions. This setup enables a trade-space exploration in support of a power-in-the-bucket comparison with LSPV+7. In turn, the results show that tiled arrays outperform LSPV+7 when transitioning from weak-to-strong scintillation conditions. These results are both encouraging and informative for those looking to tackle the branch-point problem in adaptive optics. Abstract © OSA.


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