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Department of Operational Sciences


Obtaining insight into potential vehicle mixtures that will support theater distribution, the final leg of military distribution, can be a challenging and time consuming process for United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) force flow analysts. The current process of testing numerous different vehicle mixtures until separate simulation tools demonstrate feasibility is iterative and overly burdensome. Improving on existing research, a mixed integer programming model was developed to allocate specific vehicle types to delivery items, or requirements, in a manner that would minimize both operational costs and late deliveries. This gives insight into the types and amounts of vehicles necessary for feasible delivery and identifies possible bottlenecks in the physical network. Further solution post-processing yields potential vehicle beddowns which can then be used as approximate baselines for further distribution analysis. A multimodal, heterogeneous set of vehicles is used to model the pickup and delivery of requirements within given time windows. To ensure large scale problems do not become intractable, precise set notation is utilized within the mixed integer program to ensure only necessary variables and constraints are generated.

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