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Master of Science

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Gordon Wishon, PhD

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Steven Teal, PhD

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Tom Huguley, PhD


Due to the current shift in national defense strategy, the DoD is going to have to perform new roles and missions with major reductions in resources. One of the major initiatives committed to achieving savings is Corporate Information Management, a broad program designed to help the DoD operate more efficiently by application of successful private sector business practices and better application of information technology. To meet the challenge of operating in a business-like environment AFIT must be able to maximize its competitiveness to provide customers with the quality and types of services they desire. To accomplish this task, information technology can be of benefit in identifying exactly how AFITs business processes can be improved and in assessing the future DoD policy decisions on the Institute. This study developed a top level business process model for AFITs information requirements under a fee-for-service concept. Once a comprehensive business process model is completed for AFIT, it will provide a framework on which AFIT decision-makers can assess the impacts of changes in DoD and Air Force policy on the Institute. The model will also provide a foundation for the development of an integrated information system capable of meeting AFITs future information requirements.

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