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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Michael C. Roggemann, PhD


This research investigated the enhancement of satellite images. The goal was to develop and test a suite of image enhancement software routines to improve the quality of reconstructed images for the human visual system. The primary focus was to enhance satellite features. Enhancement was accomplished in both the spatial domain and the frequency domain. In the spatial domain, routines were developed to enhance image contrast and edges. In the frequency domain, a routine was developed using research into the human visual system. The transfer function of the human visual system was used to develop a filter for frequency domain enhancement. A data set of images was developed using software to simulate the image degradation caused by atmospheric turbulence and the randomness of the image measurement process. The parameters varied in the simulation were atmospheric coherence diameter and total photon count. The routines were applied to this data set and the results were evaluated by various image fidelity criteria. All enhancement routines provided enhancement dependent upon the parameters of the data set simulation. Contrast enhancement worked well when photon count was low. Edge enhancement worked well when photon count was high. The frequency domain filter worked well under all simulation parameters.

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