Paul W. Chase

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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


The AFIT Algorithm Animation Research Facility AAARF was developed by the Air Force Institute of Technology AFIT as a teaching aid for data structures and algorithm design. In particular, an extensive set of performance animations has been developed for the Intel iPSC Hypercube parallel processing system. This research focuses in part on developing animation support for discrete event simulation, mission routing, and evolutionary algorithms based on abstract representations of parallel algorithm behavior. The effort also builds extensions to the AAARF system and examines direction for further research. An innovative adaptable application-specific animation construction environment has been designed and implemented. The environment provides a set of composible graphics objects and a flexible event mapping and transformation system that allows development of arbitrary animation formats. The system also reduces operational complexity via a simplified event format. The resulting visualization system is inherently portable between architectures, easily extensible to meet specific user animation requirements, and successfully deals with scalability problems associated with massively parallel processing systems.

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