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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Meir Pachter, PhD

Second Advisor

Constantine Houpis, PhD


This thesis develops an innovative approach to the design of a flight control system for performing the large-amplitude velocity vector roll maneuver at high angles of attack AOAs. A six degree of freedom aircraft model is developed from the fundamental nine-state equations of motion using a modified linearization technique. The MIMO multiple-input multiple-output Quantitative Feedback Theory QFT robust control design technique is then used to jointly address the system nonlinearities present in this maneuver and the changes in the system parameters due to changes in flight condition, treating them as structured uncertainty in the design of a three-axis rate-commanded control system. The development of a weighting matrix, based on the fundamentals of the aileron-rudder interconnect, aids in this design process. Nonlinear six degree- of-freedom closed-loop control system simulations demonstrate the accuracy of the developed models, the validity of the QFT designed compensator and prefilter, and the successful initiation and arrest of the velocity vector roll maneuver.

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