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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Timothy W. Zens, PhD.


This research examines the optical loss in orientation patterned III-V materials. Laser calorimetry technique was assembled to measure the absorption loss in GaAs, GaP and Fe2+ZnSe samples. Three different methods are explained and utilized to calculate the absorptance value from the calorimetry data. Absorption coefficient values were found for three different samples of GaAs ranging from 0.025+-0.009 cm-1 to 0.80+-0.08 cm-1, all within the sphere of published values for GaAs. A Complete Angle Scatter Instrument (CASI) was used to determine scatter at incident angles ranging from 0 to 55.5 degrees from two OPGaAs samples using an 8.16 micrometer, p-polarized incident laser light. Diffraction peaks were observed in the samples with high impurities, with domains in the material acting as diffraction gratings. FTIR measurements were conducted using a wire grid polarizer on the CASI samples to investigate transmission signal variations with change in incident polarization. Both patterned GaAs samples exhibited some polarization effect from the grated material. The amount of transmission detected changed by as much as 20% for both samples as they were rotated to change incident polarization.

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