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This study was initiated by the assertion that it was taking a greater amount of time to transport assets from Support Center Pacific (SCP) to its Western Pacific Air Forces (WESTPAC) customers (Misawa AB Japan, Yokota AB Japan, Kunsan AB Korea, and Osan AB Korea) than it was taking to transport similar assets to the same locations from a CONUS repair facility. These delivery times include the total time it takes a reparable asset to be transferred from a repair facility (consignor) to the user (consignee). Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) has proposed using commercial express freight carriers to transport reparable assets between SCP and its customers may reduce the amount of time it takes to move reparables between the WESTPAC locations. Lengthy delivery time severely hampers the most important aspect of having a regional repair facility such as SCP, rapid repair response for key reparable items. Therefore, PACAF became determined to derive delivery times of shorter duration than those achievable from other sources of repair. This study determines whether or not the current mean delivery times from SCP to WESTPAC installations are of greater duration than mean delivery times of shipments from CONUS repair facilities. Also, an assessment of the use of commercial express transportation rather than the Defense Transportation System (DTS), is made to determine whether or not such a change in operating procedures will reduce average delivery times. Data was collected for shipments between CONUS repair facilities and WESTPAC installations as well as between SCP and the same installations. From these data sets mean delivery times were derived and compared using a large sample z test. Additionally, the means from the samples of data for shipments between SCP and its customers using the DTS were compared to the means from the samples of data collected when a commercial express freight carrier was used using the same test statistic. It was found that, in all cases it took a greater amount of time to move assets between CONUS repair facilities and WESTPAC installations than between SCP and the same installations. It was also found that the commercial express carrier was able to provide a more rapid delivery than the DTS. These findings provide only knowledge about the delivery times associated with these routes and these carriers and should be followed by other analyses.

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