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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Eugene Santos, PhD


Computer Generated Forces (CGFs) are important players in Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) exercises. A problem with CGFs is that they do not exhibit sufficient human behaviors to make their use effective. The SOAR approach has yielded a human cognitive model that can be applied to CGFs, but this is extremely complex. The product of the research reported in this thesis is a much less complex behavioral framework for a CGF that is easy to validate, revise, and maintain. To support this, an existing, domain independent CGF architecture is discussed and applied to an experimental CGF. Techniques for modeling the knowledge and behaviors of any CGF via semantic nets are presented. A process for transforming the semantic nets into fuzzy controllers is outlined, and pertinent issues regarding fuzzy controllers are discussed. Lastly, a method for making time critical decisions via fuzzy logic is presented.

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