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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Whitman T. Dailey, PhD


Contributions to the electron current from the three components of a gadolinium SPND, emitter, insulator, and sheath, are identified, characterized, and quantified to provide information on how the SPND interacts within the transient neutron and photon flux of the TREAT to create a measurable current. These contributions are measured by defining the SPND interactions as a dose response function used within a Monte Carlo simulation of a TREAT experiment. The data obtained from the Monte Carlo simulations are then used to compare against two analytic models, developed by Jaschik and Warren, as well as the experimental results. It was found that the methodology used produced sufficiently accurate results, that the sheath has the highest total contribution to the current, and that while the analytic models sufficiently predict the emitter contribution, they have a very limited use due to not accounting for the sheath.

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