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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Brandon Lucas, PhD


This research involves the analysis of standard parametric factors by decade within the development stage of acquisitions. Analysts use factors to develop budgets, create a baseline for measuring project progress, or as a crosscheck to the other estimating techniques. This research analyzed data from 408 1921s across seven decades and eight work breakdown structure (WBS) elements. It further analyzed these decades by commodity type, contract and contractor type, and service branch. The statistical tests used in this research determined which decades within our categories were dissimilar and drew conclusions about the impact of those differences. These tests determined that factors have either increased, decreased, or had spikes in many WBS elements, indicating that not all decades represent the overall WBS element or subcategory. The outcome of this research is that cost estimators must take into consideration the decade from which to calculate factors. Analysts will have a reference of which WBS elements, subcategories, and decades to use to develop factors.

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