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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Kenneth W. Bauer, Jr. PhD


Airfields are a critical aspect of our military's ability to project power or respond to crises throughout the world. It is crucial that mobility planners have an effective means to estimate the capacity of these airfields. The objective of this research is to examine common mobility metrics and evaluate existing means of measuring them. Currently, Air Mobility Command has two models, the Airfield Capacity Estimator (ACE) and the Base Resource and Capabilities Estimator (BRACE), that were designed to estimate the resource requirements and capacities of an airfield. This study offers a critical evaluation and comparison of the two models. Discrepancies of the models are highlighted, as well as possible improvements. Additional possible uses are also demonstrated, including a method in which the two models can be used together to enhance their overall results and increase the user's knowledge of an airfield's capabilities and limitations.

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