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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Kenneth W. Bauer, Jr. PhD


In response to the insidious and deadly nature of breast cancer and the less-than-perfect detection ability of mammography, we develop a mathematical model as a foundation to the long-term goal of improving early breast cancer detection. By using modeling and simulation to construct an accurate breast cancer tumor model, we hope to solve the problems associated with mammogram misdiagnosis and, perhaps as a by-product, lend insight to tumor development dynamics. The final tumor model, written in MATLAB, provides realistic tumor growth and 2-dimensional visualization of 3-dimensional structures. Earlier modeling attempts capture slices of the tumor in the 2-dimensional growth spaces. The final 3-dimensional model closely mimics the characteristics of theoretical breast cancer development within the female breast by establishing an algorithm that reliably represents the ideal tumor model. The possible impact of this model and its progeny is earlier detection of breast cancer, which leads to an increased chance of survival for those afflicted with the disease.

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