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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Steven C. Gustafson, PhD


The Treaty on Opens Skies allows any signatory nation to fly a specifically equipped reconnaissance aircraft anywhere over the territory of any other signatory nation. For photographic images, this treaty allows for a maximum ground resolution of 30 cm. The National Air Intelligence Center (NAIC), which manages implementation of the Open Skies Treaty for the US Air Force, wants to determine if post-processing of the photographic images can improve spatial resolution beyond 30 cm, and if so, determine the improvement achievable. Results presented in this thesis show that standard linear filters (edge and sharpening) do not improve resolution significantly and that super-resolution techniques are necessary. Most importantly, this thesis describes a prior- knowledge model fitting technique that improves resolution beyond the 30 cm treaty limit. The capabilities of this technique are demonstrated for a standard 3-Bar target, an optically degraded 2-Bar target, and the USAF airstar emblem.

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