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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Marvin A. Arostegui, PhD


Current Air Force logistics information systems do not provide Air Force leaders and single managers a real-time sole-source logistics information system able to assess current capabilities and identify potential future problem items prior to becoming systemic problem parts. Centralizing information may provide improved command and control and support of the warfighter by reducing the time it takes to track down and identify information. Using a Value Focused Thinking approach, this thesis explored how the Air Force can improve the accessibility of Air Force logistics information. This study began at the behest of the AFMC LG/CD in an effort to determine what logistics information is important and how it might be centrally managed. Working with AFMC Logistics Group personnel, a value-based evaluation tool was developed to establish core requirements for an ideal centralized logistics information system. The value model was used to evaluate the status quo and two AFMC systems, WSMIS-SAV and TRACKER. This provides a base-line value of the current system and demonstrates how the model can be applied to evaluate other alternatives. The results show the status quo was the lowest ranking alternative.

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