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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Timothy S. Reed, PhD


This research examines the Air Force training needs of contingency contracting officers (CCOs). The study utilized the deductive approach to research. A survey instrument captured the data for the study. The survey captured input from CCOs with deployment experience and each of the Air Force components and MAJCOMs. Series 1 of the survey polls CCOs with deployment experience to determine the training CCOs require based on their personal experiences. Series 2 surveys the component and MAJCOM level supervisors to determine their perception of the training that should be required for CCOs. Comparing the two series will identify any differences in responses from the groups. Descriptive and analytical statistics were used to interpret the completed surveys. The survey will be used to determine what tasks should be trained prior to a CCO being deployed. This study tries to capture the general contracting tasks that may be performed at any contingency location. The survey results were combined and a set of training tasks were identified for CCOs.

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