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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Timothy S. Reed, PhD


This research is a follow-on effort to Capt Pete Lasch's thesis, which examined the Air Force training needs of contingency contracting officers (CCOs). Through this study, Lasch (2002) identified a list of critical training tasks for CCO training. This study investigates how units currently conduct training and to what extent the recommended tasks are being addressed in training. Interviews, surveys, and archival training logs were used to capture data for the study. CCO demographic information and recommendations were collected through these interviews and surveys. Interviews were used as a pre-test and later were combined with the electronic survey responses. Surveys were sent in two phases to CCOs who deployed in the period of interest from September 11th of 2001 to December 15th of 2002. Phase one described the purpose of the study and phase two involved collection of surveys from population of interest. Training logs or plans were also requested from the units survey participants deployed from. These logs provided insight into the content of training and allowed the researcher to investigate which of the recommended tasks from Lasch (2002) were included in unit training programs across the Air Force. Descriptive statistics and pattern matching were used to analyze the data. This analysis resulted in recommendations to both improve training programs and to provide relevant training material for future unit level CCO training programs.

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