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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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John F. Raquet, PhD


This research introduces the concept of navigation potential, NP, to quantify the intrinsic ability to navigate using a given signal. NP theory is a new, information theory-like concept that provides a theoretical performance limit on estimating navigation parameters from a received signal that is modeled through a stochastic mapping of the transmitted signal and measurement noise. NP theory is applied to SOP-based TDOA systems in general as well as for the Gaussian case. Furthermore, the NP is found for a received signal consisting of the transmitted signal, multiple delayed and attenuated replicas of the transmitted signal, and measurement noise. Multipath-based NP captures the dominant error source foreseen in SOP-based navigation systems and may be more indicative of actual system performance than non-multipath-based metrics. NP theory applies to signals other than SOP. As an example, NP is used to bound GPS correlation error performance for the multipath and no-multipath case.

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