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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Brett J. Borghetti, PhD


Seismic signal processing at the IDC is critical to global security, facilitating the detection and identification of covert nuclear tests in near-real time. This dissertation details three research studies providing substantial enhancements to this pipeline. Study 1 focuses on signal detection, employing a TCN architecture directly against raw real-time data streams and effecting a 4 dB increase in detector sensitivity over the latest operational methods. Study 2 focuses on both event association and source discrimination, utilizing a TCN-based triplet network to extract source-specific features from three-component seismograms, and providing both a complimentary validation measure for event association and a one-shot classifier for template-based source discrimination. Finally, Study 3 focuses on event localization, and employs a TCN architecture against three-component seismograms in order to confidently predict backazimuth angle and provide a three-fold increase in usable picks over traditional polarization analysis.

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