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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alexander J. Barelka, PhD


New Media is defined not by the technology that it is based on but rather on individual level attributes that contribute to the development of new artifacts, practices and social arrangements. However, existing technology adoption models tend to stress technology and organizational level attributes over such individual level characteristics. This suggests that new models are required in order to fully capture how the New Media adoption process works. We are moving away from organizational and technology adoption focus and towards an individual and content adoption focus. A review of existing technology acceptance models reveals that the content provided by these systems is often not considered by these models. A qualitative analysis of 80 in-depth semistructured interviews revealed that it is the content which often drives the trial, use, adoption, and diffusion of New Media systems. A new way of thinking, focusing on individual and content adoption, leads to the emergence of a Content Acceptance Model (CAM): new thoughts regarding the trial, adoption, and usage of New Media.

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