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Welcome to the the inaugural issue of The AFIT Engineer. This newsletter is launched as the coordinated and consolidated outreach platform of the Graduate School of Engineering and Management, not only for the AFIT community, but also for our external stakeholders, constituents, sponsors, alumni, friends, and supporters.

AFIT has its footprints and fingerprints firmly and widely implanted in the STEM community. Not only do our graduates serve the needs of the US Air Force and DOD, but their technical tentacles also reach business, industry, academia, and general government. This is achieved through manpower transitioning, technology transfer, and intellectual engagements. In my travels around the world, I often encounter experts whose foundational preparations had their roots at AFIT. The wide contributions and impacts of AFIT cannot be overstated. We have been in this business of defense-focused education for 100 years. The Centennial celebration this year will highlight the essential trend lines of where and how we started, where we are now, and the march toward the future.


Inaugural issue.