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In today’s era, where educational technology is in a near-constant state of evolution, the imperative is not just to adopt technology, but to do so with a defined purpose and strategy. As educators within military education there is a growing need to discern which technological tools and practices align best with our mission and the goals we set for our students. Teaching is more than just transferring knowledge—it’s about fostering environments conducive to growth, critical thinking, and lifelong learning. This e-book contains collective insights, experiences, and reflections from faculty participating in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) a yearlong, structured, community of practice, engaged in the thoughtful exploration of educational technology topics during the academic year of 2022-2023 at the Air Force Institute of Technology. Whether by leveraging social annotation tools to engage students in reading, formulating effective methods to produce and utilize educational content, innovating with game-based learning, or seamlessly integrating multiple applications for meaningful classroom experiences, our aim is to provide you with insights and actionable guidance for use within your own classrooms.